Add an image of the product with a caption
Add an image of the product with a caption


  • Added a game when the user gets to inbox zero 🐍 👀


  • Upon the first login, user is now able to see notification actor, body and if notifications are for a merged PR unlike before when all of this was missing
  • Upon auto-installation of update, the app window does not pop open unexpectedly
  • The card body updates correctly now, pointing to the body of the specific notification instead of the parent notification


  • Show UI feedback when reaction or comment is sent
  • Moved comments and reactions into preview
  • Re-arrange action buttons on a card to fit
  • Clicking on card expands preview instead of opening card in browser
  • Added button to open card in browser instead
  • Cards that can't be commented or reacted on don't show the comment or reaction option
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